Gainesville Housing Authority Names New CFO and COO

Press release from Gainesville Housing Authority

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Gainesville Housing Authority (GHA), a leading provider of affordable housing, today announced the appointment of two leaders to its executive team: Michelle Beans as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Malcolm Kiner as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Effectively immediately, both Beans and Kiner will transition into their new roles with a focus on performance, excellence, and a customer-centric approach to advancing GHA’s mission. 

“The Gainesville Housing Authority is at a pivotal period of growth and expansion. To keep the momentum and to strategically scale to the next level, we examined our organizational structure and found that key individuals will be transitioning out in the next five years,” said Pamela Davis, CEO, Gainesville Housing Authority. “As a leader, it was important to start succession planning to ensure the vision for the organization continues to grow. Both Malcolm and Michelle have the demonstrated ability to move our organization forward for long-term growth and success.” 

As CFO, Beans will oversee the company’s financial operations with an eye toward cost savings, improving operational efficiencies, and positioning the agency for new real estate development opportunities through the Gainesville Housing Development and Management Corporation (GHDMC). 

“Our Board of Directors challenged us to add additional affordable housing units to our portfolio. To quickly mobilize potential real estate development opportunities, we need to have access to real-time information on our finances. Transitioning Michelle into the role of CFO will bring our financial management services in-house and provide the real-time data we need,” Davis said.

For the past 11.5 years, Beans has served on GHA’s executive leadership team in multiple capacities. She most recently served as COO, where she led the complete digital transformation of the organization’s operations and services. In her new role, she will manage financial performance analysis and financial predictions on potential real estate developments. She will establish an internal standard operating procedure for financial management, and she will focus on educating staff about the financial impact each department has on the organization.

As COO, Kiner will be focused on talent management, operational efficiency, programming, compliance, portfolio management, and expansion. Kiner is metric-driven, and he is known for a collaborative approach that builds alignment across the business and delivers growth.   

“COVID-19, recent political, social, and economic challenges that our community has experienced changed everything about how we do business. In reimagining our process, we need the COO to focus on improving our operational infrastructure, talent management for retention and leadership development, and on implementing efficient maintenance practices to minimize disruption of service,” Davis said. “We’re excited to have Malcolm move into this role because he understands where GHA is going, and he believes in the vision of the Authority. He also is a perfect fit because he grew up in this community and he has dedicated his entire professional career to community development. His passion speaks through his track record and accomplishments.”

Most recently, Kiner led real estate acquisition and management for GHDMC, GHA’s financial instrumentality, as VP of Real Estate Development. Prior to this role, Kiner spent more than 10 years managing community redevelopment projects and affordable housing solutions for the City of Tampa and the City of Gainesville. As the new COO, he will be responsible for day-to-day operations management. He will work closely with the CFO to ensure departments are fiscally responsible, and he will be focused on developing a strategy that ensures GHA meets its goal of being a high-performance, customer-centric agency.

“We have an opportunity at GHA to help solve a community need, as it relates to affordable housing. So it’s important to have members on our team who are mission-driven and understand the importance of what you do and why you do it,” Davis said. “Both Malcolm and Michelle really want to be a part of advancing this community. With their seats filled and with the rest of the dynamic team that we have here – we stand ready to fulfill our vision.”