GPD and Baird family respond to Baird Memorial destruction

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

Last Friday, the entire Gainesville Police Department family was shocked and saddened to learn that the memorial stone dedicated to GPD Officer Scott Baird was destroyed. From the moment GPD shared this news with the public, we have been overwhelmed by the heartfelt response from the entire Gainesville community, to include the incredible support from our brothers and sisters that represent all of the local law enforcement agencies.

Scott’s mom, GPD Officer Kelly Gaudet, said, “We were in complete shock and utter disbelief that someone would do something so heinous.”

“For a moment, I thought I didn’t want to replace the monument in fear of it happening again. But then I thought I would not let the actions of a few take away the honor, respect, and memory that Scott deserves.”

“I am overwhelmed by the support and care that people have shown throughout the community. With the generous donations we have received, we will soon be able to place a nice monument out there and maybe some solar lights to illuminate it at night. The final plans have not been completed yet.”

Scott’s brother, Buddy Baird, who immediately set up a fundraiser account to replace the monument, told GPD, “With the most humble of hearts, we would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to donate and/or share the fundraiser page made for Officer Scott Baird’s memorial marker.”

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“We have now found out that O.T. Davis Monument Company has taken the original, made some repairs, and placed it back in its proper resting place until the replacement arrives. Thanks to the community and companies like this, bad things can happen to good people and it’s almost as if it never occurred. So, again, thank you for all of your support. The world needs more people like you.”

GPD and the Baird Family will continue to keep our neighbors updated as the replacement memorial is made and placed. Thank you again to everyone for your love and support!