GPD investigating shooting in 4100 block of NW 13th Street

Updated at 9:20 a.m. on May 14

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – GPD is on scene and actively working a shooting in the area of 4100 NW 13th Street. The victim was transported to the hospital, and the suspect is in custody.

  • If you’re legally able, you should buy a gun to protect yourself and your family from these criminals stealing guns from people who are legally able to buy more guns to protect themselves and their families. It’s a win-win.

    • I totally agree with you however you need to study Florida stand your ground law know it by heart that way when you do protect your family you do it legally.
      Practice shooting center mass at 20

      • SMH. Your sarcasm detector is broken. I do not actually want well-intentioned idiots to buy guns they don’t secure so criminals can steal them and give more well-intentioned idiots reason to buy more guns they don’t secure so criminals can steal more guns, ad infinitum. But I should have considered the audience.

        I know the law, and I can hit a 12-ounce can at 20 yards. More importantly, I know how to avoid being a target in the first place; so I don’t need a gun at the ready, thus at risk of being stolen, in order to shoot back at someone not shooting at me.

        Violence begets violence. Gun violence begets gun violence. Guns don’t solve a gun violence problem. Guns perpetuate a gun violence problem. I’m all for responsible gun ownership. But responsible gun ownership is a lot like common sense — far from common.

        • I’d bet dollars to donuts that the majority of responsible gun owners are exactly that- responsible. And the majority of NRA members also are responsible gun owners.

          Gun violence doesn’t belong to the gun…

          • It only stands to reason that responsible people are responsible. In other news, yellow bananas are yellow, and red apples are red. Go figure.

            I’m talking about the irresponsible gun owners, of which there are clearly many, given the spate of stolen firearms used in violent crimes lately. I agree that the violence belongs to the people who commit it. But without stupid and irresponsible people owning guns legally and failing to secure them, maybe we’d have more laughable banana and apple violence instead of deadly gun violence.

            I’ll give you half a point for stating the obvious.

        • One thing for sure if your if your attack and you fear for your life pull your gun shoot center mass that one will not attack anyone else

  • I want to share a cautionary tail for those that will carry when constitutional carry becomes law: if you don’t want to go to jail for defending yourself or others, be sure that you also video record or know there are cameras near by. The criminal-justice system doesn’t care who, as long as someone goes to jail. And in the words of GPD Officer Milman; “let the courts figure it out” while knowing he has withheld exculpatory evidence that would exonerate you. Just saying.

    • Most GPD officers are either incompetent, thugs, or both. I was shot at in January 2020 and the GPD officer would not arrest the urban individual because “he didn’t mean it”. You can’t make up stuff like this.

  • There is a big difference between NW 39 Ave and NW 13 Street. Your coverage location appears that you have one wrong.

    • NW 13th st intersects NW 39 ave. Two blocks north on 13th is the 4100 block.. So… yes. Sunshine Inn, or Munegin’s bar…. Sunoco is also right there as well. Paradise mobil home park is a little further up, and those of us fortunate enough to remember Royal Blue (old Dubs) is also in the area. This area can be crappy upon occasion.

      • I was going to say the same thing. Sounds like Susan needs to learn Geography. Dubbs is now the Social Security office (I think) surprise!

  • There are just too many shootings and gun violence incidents! We need to make Assault and Murder illegal!!!

    • Why should it illegal to protect yourself and family from being attacked. Why don’t you convince the thugs to stop robbing, attacking law abiding citizens who have a right to go out in public without the fear of having to put up with them

  • A fine way to start a Mother’s day. JSO watch out, Gainesville is catching up with you.

  • Henry Lee Pope. He was a good dude. Must have got into some bad stuff. Sucks.

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