GPD is conducting another gun buyback on December 21

Press release from the Gainesville Police Department

The Gun Buyback event is a mechanism for citizens wishing to voluntarily relinquish possession of firearms and ammunition for whatever reasons, to do so, in a safe and controlled environment. This event is being funded by the Gainesville Police Department, the State Attorney’s Office and several local churches.

This event will allow anyone to anonymously turn in any unwanted firearms or ammunition, without fear of any criminal prosecution for those individuals who might be normally prohibited by State law from possessing a firearm or ammunition. A Visa gift card will be provided as an incentive to each citizen who elects to turn in a firearm during this event. Firearm safety literature, as well as free gun locks will also be made available to the public during this event.

The event will be held tomorrow, Saturday December 21st, in the parking of the GFR Training building located in the 1000 Blk of NE 14th St, directly behind Citizens Field. During the hours of 1000AM-2:00PM, on the date of this event, State Attorney Bill Cervone has authorized amnesty from prosecution for any person participating in this event. During this event, we will not collect any personal or vehicle information from any of the participants. Each donor will remain anonymous and the only information collected will be the manufacturer, model, caliber and serial number of the surrendered firearm.

Safety is paramount. Donors are asked to place their unloaded firearm in the trunk of their vehicle, preferably in a box, or some type of case or container. Upon arrival, donors are asked to turn on the safety flashers to their vehicles. Donors will be directed to an identified staging area where GPD personnel will advise the donors and any other occupants of the vehicle to NOT handle any firearms and wait for further instructions from uniformed personnel.

Contact 352.393.7525 or GPDPIO@cityofgainesville.org with any questions.

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