High Springs Police Chief graduates from FBI National Command Course at Quantico

Press release from High Springs Police Department

QUANTICO, Va. – High Springs Police Chief Antoine Sheppard received a certificate of completion from FBI Director Christopher Wray as a graduate of Session 5 of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Command Course (NCC) at Quantico, Virginia.

Chief Sheppard accomplished this prestigious achievement on July 14, with Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI, present to award participants their certificates of completion.

Chief Sheppard was among 50 chief executives of domestic law enforcement agencies from around the country who participated.

The NCC, first developed in 2020, was specifically designed to address the need for strategic leadership training programs for policing executives within the FBI.

NCC, the newest addition to the FBI’s executive development repertoire, focuses on agency heads with fewer than 50 sworn law enforcement officers who have not previously attended the FBI National Academy.

This comprehensive program provides numerous benefits, including fostering improved relationships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, enhancing liaisons between departments for more effective policing, and ultimately advancing public safety nationwide.

The training covers a wide range of critical topics, such as strategic leadership, image management, officer wellness, and the prevention of targeted violence.

  • Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Quantico! Just more indoctrination of local government on the ins and outs of the Democratic playbook! The course senior instructor was probably Kamala!

    Wray is a puppet of the same handlers who have their hand up Biden’s backside! Strategic leadership, image management, officer wellness, and the prevention of targeted violence! Wray and Biden know nothing of these course topics! So similar to the AC BOCC Queen (Wheeler) recently graduating from a “County Executive Leadership Course”, great expenditure of taxpayer’s money! Said No One!


  • This is not about Wray and the current FBI leadership. It’s about a good, small town, well respected Police Chief’s career development. I have several friends who are FBI agents and who are as disgruntled as all of us in the direction the agency has taken. Hopefully for all of us this will change.

  • I hope this course is not as politicized as the rest of the FBI. I am afraid however, that wish is like honesty in government; ain’t gonna happen.

  • Why don’t you brainwashed zombies support law enforcement? I’ve met FBI agents who risked their lives on extended undercover work with the biker gang The Outlaws in Jax and the Chinese Tong in SF while you were drinking warm milk and sleeping in. The fat orangeman tells you to jump and while you can’t jump, you keep just keep trying.

    • I too have known several FBI agents from all parts of the country. While a lot of them are hard working agents that FBI has changed as a whole. No longer are there career FBI agents most go into the FBI as a stepping stone to a private sector job. If you go through history of the FBI there were some good accomplishments and years. The FBI also had years of bad accomplishment and political corruption. This goes back to the Hoover days when secret files were kept on American citizens, Ruby Ridge, and Waco were other political disasters. The FBI is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Agents now come from left wing universities already indoctrinated in woke ideas and given a gun and badges and follow the political ideas of the FBI administration. This comes from experience as well as conversations with former FBI personnel I’ve talked too. So Jizzman sorry to spooge all over your anti-red parade bashing.

      • Wray is a long time Republican who was appointed by Trump. Only MAGA zombies think the agency is armed against them or that it is run by and staffed by partisan left wingers. The membership is mixed as always and as always, political affiliations mean nothing to the overwhelming majority of men and women who serve, no matter their party.

        By the way, the agent I met who lived undercover with the Jax Outlaws, who were murderous drug dealers, was a woman. You want that job? I met the other at a awards ceremony in DC at which someone close to me was presented an award – as was the agent – by Wray for the Chinese Tong case, which also involved murders and a Democratic state politician. The same team took down an MS13 gang, all while you slept deep and dreamed of the fat orangeman fighting shirtless – who else but Trump fans have that kind of poster – against pedophiles.

    • Jazzman is falling apart! Your 7O year old male alias has been unmasked for a while. You’re very obviously a delusional young feminist spurting part line talking points. Get your own thoughts

  • I guess we’ll now be ‘safe’ from all those conservative insurrectionists and supremacists?

  • I saw this kid grow into an Outstanding young man. So proud of you Antoine!! BE THE EXAMPLE !! STAND TALL, UNMOVABLE IN WHAT GOD CALLED YOU TO DO!!!

  • I’m reading the new Hoover biography. These certificates mean nothing.

  • Many years ago, now Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr. was a corrupt city manager of Alachua who brought in Joel Decoursey as the City of Alachua Police Chief soon after Decoursey retired from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. Joel Decoursey then hired Chad Scott at the Alachua Police Department shortly after Scott was terminated from the Alachua County Sheriffs Office for allegations of criminal conduct and untruthfulness. Decoursey resigned from APD and had Chad Scott promoted to take his spot as Police Chief. Decoursey then became the Police Chief and City Manager of High Springs and upon his resignation from High Springs Police Department he had Sheppard promoted to take his spot as Police Chief. As of today, Decoursey is now the #2 at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and is deeply involved in the unethical and unlawful practices that have taken place during Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr’s, time in office. Bring into play Robert Rush and his son Jacob Rush’s involvement with Clovis Watson Jr. and the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and find yourself in amazement as you connect the shady dots. Hopefully Sheppard takes a more ethical and legal path than Watson, Decoursey, and Scott chose to take.

    • Chief Sheppard is a go with flow, don’t rock the boat follower. He will try to do nothing that would jeopardize his career. He will always do what the city commission tells him to do.

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