Jail inmate charged with 39 counts of violating pre-trial conditions by speaking on the phone with a victim in his case


Trevis Jovon Bell, 28, who has been in the Alachua County Jail since his arrest on March 28, 2022, has been charged with 39 counts of violating a pre-trial condition of no contact with his victim and one count of tampering with witness testimony.

An investigation at the jail found that Bell had spoken with the victim in his domestic battery case on a total of 104 separate occasions. The calls were made to multiple phone numbers; recordings of the calls reportedly revealed that the victim used an app to create additional phone numbers that could be used to call her.

At Bell’s first appearance in the case that resulted in his arrest, the judge told him to have no contact with the victims in that case, so each call was an alleged violation of that pre-trial condition.

The investigating deputy also reportedly heard Bell speaking with the victim about paying for a trip to Disney World for other witnesses if they told the State Attorney’s Office that they lied in their original complaint about him.

Bell was being held on $140,000 bail in the original case; the new charges have added another $73,000 in bail.

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