Jail reports first positive COVID tests

Press release from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

The Alachua County Department of the Jail experienced its first inmate testing positive for Covid-19 on Saturday (July 4). The test was performed late Friday evening, and the inmate was quarantined.  This inmate had been in the jail for 14 days. 

Two pods at the jail have been placed in a restricted movement status, and all inmates have been tested. All inmates testing positive have been asymptomatic thus far and have been quarantined. The Alachua County Health Department is heavily involved with the testing and contact tracing.

As of 2:55 p.m., 12 inmates total have tested positive and 61 negative with 1 refusal. 74 inmates are being quarantined. The positive inmates vary in age from 18-61 and have been in the jail anywhere from 14 to 351 days. Yesterday’s jail population census was 642.

All of the inmates who tested positive are housed in the same pod. The second pod that was tested had zero positive results. Contact tracing has identified approximately 20 additional inmates that will be tested. The pod that was tested that produced no cases will be retested Friday.

Effective July 2, disposable masks were issued/offered to all inmates in open bay/dormitory type housing units.

Inmates assigned to the Infirmary will also be issued/offered masks.

The mask can be replaced once a week during hygiene weekly handouts or as they become worn.

Temperature checks and screening will continue for all incoming inmates. Our partners in Court Administration, State Attorney’s Office, and the Public Defender’s Office have all been advised of the positive tests and continued steps to prevent the spread.