Letter: Mebane should acknowledge 8th-graders

Open letter to the school board:

I am writing this letter to inform you of a very disheartening matter with Mebane Middle School in the city of Alachua. It has been brought to my attention that the Mebane administration and teachers have done NOTHING to acknowledge the 8th grade class.

These children have worked very hard to succeed at this school, and it’s a disgrace that their accomplishments and their transition from middle school to high school haven’t been acknowledged. We are a small, close-knit community, and these children deserve better from Mebane administrators and teachers.

The other area schools (Irby, Alachua, and High Springs) have all acknowledged their “graduating” students with drive-through celebrations, Zoom ceremonies, yard signs, etc. Even O2B Kids provided a drive-through graduation for their VPK students.

The only thing that has been done for the Mebane 8th graders is a video put together by the PTSA. What does it say to the students that administration and teachers are not acknowledging the great accomplishments of these students? These kids have had so much of their 8th grade year taken from them; it is the least the administrators and teachers can do to provide them with a celebration of some sort.

Kim Mulvihill, Alachua

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