Letter: Partners in Health Engage team asks Cammack to support budget request

1 in 20 women dies during childbirth in Sierra Leone. In the United States, 1 in 3800 women dies during childbirth. This extreme disparity in maternal mortality is a consequence of Sierra Leone’s history of being colonized by Britain and an 11-year Civil War that ended in 2002. As a result, Sierra Leone continues to have one of the most disadvantaged infrastructural healthcare systems in the world, where hopes of quality health are shackled under a socio-systemic gridlock. This hinders the mobility of healthcare when serving children and mothers. Global funding with international collaboration will influence the promotion and expansion of maternal and child health and this will provide an opportunity to those who are often overlooked in lower socio-economic communities. For the fiscal year 2023 appropriations, we are urging Congresswoman Kat Cammack to support the $1.012 billion budget for maternal and child health.

Muntaha Islam and the Partners in Health Engage team at the University of Florida, Gainesville

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