Letter to the editor: Many Businesses Have Been Thrust Onto An Unfavorable GRU Electric Rate

GRU nonresidential electric customers normally consume about 50% of GRU electricity delivered. 

A GRU nonresidential electric customer is classified as either being “nondemand” or “demand.”

A “demand” GRU electric customer gets a peak load or “demand” charge, along with a high “customer charge”. However, the usage charge (measured in kilowatt hours (kWh)) is about 50% lower.

A “non-demand” GRU electric customer pays a low “customer charge” and no demand charge, but a much higher usage or kWh charge for consumption in excess of 1500 kWh within a billing cycle.

In a shuttered business with dramatically reduced electric consumption, it can be very beneficial to exit the demand rate by contract. A strong case exists for this to be done retroactive to the date of the shutdown that prevented normal electric consumption.

Savings will vary but can easily be $500.00/month per demand electric meter. You would automatically flop back onto the demand rate as soon as your normal electric consumption resumed.

GRU will not reach out to you to offer contractual rate relief.

Our office is available to analyze your GRU bills for any opportunity to achieve savings during these very difficult times. 

Jim Konish
Utility Attorney
Representing GRU Ratepayers Only

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