Letter to the editor: Support Kat Cammack

To the editor:

I am proud to be supporting Republican Kat Cammack in her campaign for United States Congress. While there are many candidates running for Florida’s 3rd congressional district, Kat is the right woman for the job. For nearly a decade, Kat has been working alongside Rep. Ted Yoho to bring much needed change and help to North Central Florida. Kat was instrumental in helping bring four new VA clinics to this district so our veterans could have access to the quality healthcare that they deserve. 

I have known Kat to be a hardworking, knowledgeable, and loyal friend and public servant to this district. She has worked diligently on behalf of Rep. Ted Yoho to make sure that constituents in every corner of this district have had the opportunity for their voices to be heard and their problems to be resolved. Kat is a strong woman and conservative who I know will stand up for the values and principles of our district. Kat represents a new generation of American leadership that we need more of in government. On August 18th, I plan on casting my vote for Kat Cammack for US Congress.


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