Letter: Landlords are good

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Dear Editor,

The new rental ordinance will deter new investors for rentals and will drive more current landlords to sell their rentals. This in turn leads to investors flipping homes, which leads to gentrification, which pushes affordable housing further away from major transportation hubs, employment centers, and mixed use developments. This community needs more affordable rental units, not less. This will only further drive up rental costs, which will be passed to tenants.

Landlords are good for a community. They provide housing to those that may not otherwise be able to afford a house; they have invested in the community by purchasing property; most keep their property in good shape, as that is what renters request; and they also contribute additional funds to the city through taxes. Landlords do not receive the homestead exemption and thus pay more in taxes than homeowners.

I hope all get involved and voice their opinions at the Thursday, September 3rd City Commission meeting when the rental ordinance is heard for first reading.

Heather Swanson, Gainesville