Man arrested for attacking Los Pollos employee


Lou Morris Calhoun II, 29, was arrested yesterday after allegedly attacking a Los Pollos employee.

The incident began around 3:00 p.m. on February 7, when an employee at the 8181 NW 39th Avenue store called 911 to report that a customer had attacked her. She said the customer started asking her questions about who else was working; she added that this customer comes into the store frequently and often causes a disturbance. When she wouldn’t answer his questions, he allegedly started throwing straws and utensils on the counter and then took his food outside to eat. Later the employee cleared his food, believing he was done, but a few seconds later the man allegedly came back inside and hit the employee in the chest with his forearm. He then left the store again.

The employee went back outside, thinking the man had left, and started to call 911, but the man allegedly knocked the phone out of her hands and shoved her with both hands.

The man was not immediately identified, but a representative of a nearby apartment complex identified him as Calhoun, and the victim positively identified him from a photo line-up.

Calhoun has been charged with two counts of simple battery and obstructing justice by preventing the victim from calling 911. He has been released on $15,000 bail.

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