Man claiming to be deputy threatens to kill family to save kids from child trafficking


Joshua Trevor Mimbs, 33, was arrested yesterday evening at a motel on NW 13th Street after threatening a family with a knife.

According to the arrest report, Mimbs allegedly approached the victim’s residence at 2820 NW 13th Street at about 6:45 p.m., demanding that they open the door. Mimbs allegedly pulled out a knife and started chasing the victim and his family around the complex, shouting, “You are hiding kids in your house and human trafficking them… I’m going to kill you.”

Mimbs also allegedly made threatening comments to the victim’s employee in the front office.

Post Miranda, Mimbs reportedly stated that he worked for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in the internal investigations department. He said he was trying to rescue the kids that were being human-trafficked in the complex. He also said he did not hurt anyone and that he was the victim. The report concludes, “It was clear [Mimbs] was under the influence of an unknown substance.”