March 29 evening update: 72 Alachua County cases


According to the state dashboard, Alachua County now has 72 COVID-19-positive cases, up from 68 at this time yesterday. No deaths have been reported. 10 people have been hospitalized. The average age of those with positive tests is 41.

The state has 4950 cases (an increase of 912 from this time yesterday; remember that testing volume has increased significantly) and 60 deaths (up from 56 yesterday).

19 COVID-19 tests are pending in Alachua County. 1268 people have been tested so far in Alachua County, and 1177 tests have come back negative, so 92.8% of the tests so far have been negative (1.5% are pending). Only 5.7% of the local tests have come back positive so far.

According to the daily report (note that the data in that report and the dashboard don’t always match up because they are published at different times), there are 55 cases in Gainesville, 4 in Alachua, 3 in Newberry, 2 in Tioga, 2 in Micanopy, and 1 in High Springs. Location data is not available for all cases.