Matheson Museum presents “Punkhouse in the Deep South”

Press release from Matheson Museum

October 13, 2021
7:30pm – Free In-Person Program

Join us in-person at the Matheson on Wednesday, October 13 to hear from authors Aaron Cometbus and Scott Satterwhite as they share about their book Punkhouse in the Deep South. In their presentation, Cometbus and Sattewhite discuss the history of the famed “309 Punkhouse,” while shedding light on the largely ignored lives of average punks living in the oldest punkhouse in the South.

For the safety of staff and attendees, capacity will be limited to 50 people and masks are required. Admission is free but registration is required (click on the “Register” button):

Told in personal interviews, Punkhouse in the Deep South is the collective story of a punk community in an unlikely town and region, a hub of radical counterculture that drew artists and musicians from throughout the conservative South and earned national renown.

The house at 309 6th Avenue was a crossroads for punk rock, activism, veganism, and queer culture in Pensacola, a quiet Gulf Coast city at the border of Florida and Alabama. In this book, residents of 309 narrate the colorful and often comical details of communal life in the crowded and dilapidated house over its 30-year existence. Terry Johnson, Ryan “Rymodee” Modee, Gloria Diaz, Skott Cowgill, and others tell of playing in bands including This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, operating local businesses such as End of the Line Cafe, forming feminist support groups, and creating zines and art.

Aaron Cometbus
Aaron Cometbus has been publishing Cometbus magazine since 1981. He is the editor of the oral histories Back to the Land and The Dead End, and the author of seven novels. He earned a gold record using his teeth as a percussion instrument.

Scott Satterwhite
Scott Satterwhite is a historian, educator, and journalist. His work has appeared in Florida Historical Quarterly, Hurricane Review, INWeekly, and Maximum Rocknroll. He is the author of several poetry chapbooks and edits the zine Mylxine. Satterwhite teaches Writing and Literature at the University of West Florida.

This program is sponsored in part by Visit Gainesville/Alachua County, FL and by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council of the Arts and Culture,