More endorsements for Kat Cammack

Kat Cammack


Kat Cammack has picked up more endorsements over the past few weeks.

Paul Norfleet, Newberry City Commissioner, says, “I am excited about the bright future ahead for congressional district 3, with Kat Cammack as our representative. I am happy to support a strong conservative who will be ready and able to hit the ground running. She will support and safeguard our Constitution during her service. FL-03 is expansive with a diverse economy. We need a candidate who understands our district and is ready to get to work. Kat is the only candidate who can hit the ground running, get to work immediately, and protect our constitution, I look forward to her representing Florida’s 3rd district.” 

Regarding the endorsement of Florida Farm Bureau’s FEDPAC, Cammack says, “To have support from Florida Farm Bureau’s FEDPAC means a great deal to me and our campaign. Growing up on a cattle ranch, I was raised in the agricultural world and know first-hand the challenges that our farmers and ranchers face. To that end, having worked on Capitol Hill, I also know how difficult it can be to educate lawmakers and staff on key issues within the industry. Agriculture plays a critical role in our national security and our history and I am proud to be an advocate and voice for our farmers and ranchers. We look forward to building our base of support within the ag community and announcing more exciting developments in the near future. Thank you to the leadership of the Florida Farm Bureau FedPac and the local county offices that made this happen.”

Attorney Patrice Boyes says, “If there is something to be done, Kat is the woman to call. As evidence of my past work with Kat, she will fearlessly take on representing the counties in the district with grace and strength. I know Kat will pour her whole heart into District FL-03 and draw together a diverse community of leaders to pave the way to success. Kat’s experience and knowledge in international affairs ensures that she is ready to serve this country in Congress. She represents a new generation of leaders heading to Washington to effect change. I am proud to say I endorse Kat Cammack as she works towards the District FL-03 seat.”

Professional Firefights of Palatka: “We are proud to support and endorse Kat Cammack for Congress in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. Kat knows our firefighters and the issues and challenges we face every day. As someone who has worked alongside us and helped us acquire critical equipment for the last several years, she is someone who can be trusted to advocate on our behalf and do the right thing. Not only does she understand the challenges that we and other fire departments face, but she knows how to work through and solve these issues. She is never more than a phone call away. We are looking forward to working with her and seeing her elected as our Representative in Congress. We encourage all of our members, their families, and citizens who support their local firefighters to get behind Kat.”

Business owners Randi Elrad and John Pastore say, “We have known Kat through our support of Ted Yoho for all these years. She will be a huge asset to continue in his footsteps and has the knowledge, experience, and relationships to make this a seamless transition. Her dedication to our country, unwavering energy, dynamic personality, and skill set will make her a great representative for this Congressional seat. We are Team Kat all the Way!”

Kristen and Andrew Long of IMC Construction Group say, “We believe in limited government as it relates to our family and small businesses. Through our experience in working with Kat, she represents those beliefs. Kat has been an advocate for upholding the Constitution as it is written while fighting government intrusion in our daily lives. District 3 needs a DC representative that will speak against the falsities, intrusion, and lack of accountability. Kat will fulfill that duty to her constituents as Congresswoman for District 3-FL.”