New Equipment for Students at SF’s Perry Center in Alachua Donated by Trane Technologies’ Farrar Scientific

Press release from Santa Fe College

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Students at Santa Fe College’s Perry Center for Emerging Technologies will see several new freezers in their science labs donated by Farrar Scientific, a brand of Trane Technologies. Over the summer, Farrar donated 11 commercial-grade freezers, capable of reaching temperatures of -80 degrees Celsius, to the college. The newly-installed equipment is an upgrade to what students had been using and more closely matches what students will use in bioprocessing careers after graduating from the programs. 

“We are very excited to have received this donation from Farrar,” Mary El-Semarani, Academic Chair at SF’s Perry Center for Emerging Technologies said. “The addition of this equipment will help us continue to grow our programs and enhance our curriculum. Collaborating with the biotechnology industry is also invaluable for the students.”  

The Trane Technologies Life Science Solutions business, which includes the Farrar brand, is focused on meeting the rapidly growing demand for ultra-low temperature and low-temperature processes specifically in the manufacturing, storage, and transport of medicines, vaccines, and other life science products. Farrar’s proprietary technology has revolutionized ultra-low temperature control for biopharmaceutical companies. Communities like Alachua and colleges like Santa Fe are feeding successful bioprocessing programs using freezer equipment such as those manufactured by Farrar.  

“Providing students with the tools and skills they need to succeed is an investment in our future. We are pleased to support Santa Fe’s Emerging Tech programs as part of our commitment to filling tomorrow’s bioprocessing talent pipeline – while simultaneously supporting the circular economy with a new, fulfilling purpose for this equipment,” said Holly Paeper, president, Trane Technologies Life Science Solutions.  

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