Oak Hammock Hosts Residents from St. Petersburg

Oak Hammock resident Janet Janke, a retired teacher, reads to staff members’ children who are staying the night at Oak Hammock

Press release from Oak Hammock

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Due to the potential effects of Hurricane Ian, Oak Hammock at the University of Florida welcomed 16 Skilled Nursing residents from Westminster Communities of Florida to their community last night. Their facility is located in St. Petersburg, just three feet above sea level. Oak Hammock is one of three facilities in the state that is temporarily housing residents from Westminster.

In addition to the residents, six Westminster staff members accompanied them and have temporarily relocated to Oak Hammock while the weather remains a concern.

Trucks from Westminster brought supplies such as medical carts, medications, linens, and mattresses to remain as self-sufficient as possible during their stay.

“We are in this field to help people, especially those who are most vulnerable,” Oak Hammock CEO Kevin Ahmadi said. “We appreciate the support of the North Central Florida community and all of our partner organizations as we offer shelter to our fellow Floridians.”

Approximately 25 Oak Hammock staff members are planning to stay overnight at the Health Pavilion due to weather concerns. Some of those employees brought with them their children, cats, and dogs, all of whom will be staying at Oak Hammock.

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