October 4 update: 56 new positive tests, no deaths

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According to the state dashboard, Alachua County has a cumulative total of 8,548 people with COVID-19-positive test results, an increase of 56 from yesterday, with an official test positivity rate of 3.5%. No new deaths were reported.

Of the people whose positive tests came back yesterday, 2 were 65 or older, and 23 (45%) were college-aged.

The weekly report on emergency room visits for COVID-like illness and influenza-like illness is out and shows that visits for both COVID-like illness and influenza-like illness are heading back down.

A total of 63 deaths have been reported in the county, 27 of which were in long-term care.

The overall number of people (from all counties) hospitalized here for COVID-19 decreased from 54 to 49.

State COVID-19 hospitalizations increased very slightly to 2,039 today.

The state has 1,844 new cases cases and 14,628 deaths (a net increase of 43 from yesterday, 17 of which were from long-term care facilities).

Changes in the number of deaths were reported on 34 different dates, going back to July 7. Changes by month: July (+9-3); August (+8-1); September (+27); October (+3). 5 were from Miami-Dade County.

The peaks are on July 23 (220), July 30 (221), and August 4 (225), and the 7-day moving average peak is July 25/26 (209), with a second peak on August 5 (213).

The peak of July 25 hasn’t moved since we started reporting it on August 27. The 2nd peak appeared on September 11, and it hasn’t moved, either.

The state also publishes a chart of the percentage of new tests that are positive by day (this chart is for the whole state), and yesterday’s positive rate was 3.74%. (The state charts only count people who test positive for the first time, and they may assign results to a different date than the day the test result came back. Our calculations are just positives/total tests for new results.)

In Alachua County, the official positivity rate yesterday was 3.50%.

This chart shows the number of negative tests reported in Alachua County by day:

The 7-day moving average of new cases is at 60.4 through yesterday’s cases. Here is the 7-day average of new cases for the past 14 days: