PBA files Unfair Labor Practice charge against Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr.

Press release from North Central Florida Police Benevolent Association

In the wake of Sheriff Clovis Watson Jr.’s repeated violations of Florida labor law and his continued failure to negotiate in good faith, the North Central Florida PBA has filed an Unfair Labor Practice against the Sheriff with the Public Employees Relations Commission. Our lawsuit contains an abundance of clear evidence of a continued pattern to deny our contractual rights, while also seeking to divide our membership. The purpose of this legal action is to demand that PERC compel the Sheriff to take the following immediate actions: to begin negotiating in good faith, to cease from direct dealings with our members, to immediately pay our Sheriff Deputies the 2.5% step increase, which they are legally entitled to with interest, and to discontinue from making unilateral changes to our working conditions without proper negotiations. If the Sheriff is unwilling to comply with our demands, we’re confident that PERC will.

A copy of the filing can be read here.