Rep. Kat Cammack Named To “Future Of American Freedoms” Task Force By Republican Leader McCarthy

Press release from the Office of Congresswoman Kat Cammack

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has named Congresswoman Kat Cammack to the “Future of American Freedoms” Task Force. The Republican Task Forces, seven issue-specific task forces spearheaded by House Republican leadership, will identify and develop policy solutions to the issues facing the American people.

The “Future of American Freedoms” Task Force will be led by Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-04) and will focus on issues including preserving constitutional freedoms, such as the First and Second Amendments.

“I’m honored to be chosen by Leader McCarthy to serve on the “Future of American Freedoms” Task Force. As the youngest Republican woman in Congress today, protecting our most fundamental freedoms is key to ensuring equal opportunity, not equal outcome for all Americans and the generations to come,” said Cammack. “Together, we’ll work with Rep. Jordan and my other colleagues on this task force to show the American people how hard Republicans will work to tackle the several crises that face our nation today. Whether it’s preserving and defending the freedom of speech or Americans’ right to bear arms, we’re prepared to implement the policies that will propel our country forward.”

“From President Biden’s Border Crisis to soaring consumer costs and the rising crimes caused by the ‘Defund the Police’ movement, Democrats’ disastrous policies have left Americans hurting in ways we haven’t seen in decades,” said Leader McCarthy. “These task forces will be critical in building consensus around ideas to continue to build on our Commitment to America and ensure that the next century is an American one.”

The full announcement about the Republican Task Forces is available here.

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