Rep. Kat Cammack Shatters District Record with $505,473.45 in Q2 Haul

Press release from Kat for Congress

Congresswoman Kat Cammack (FL-03) today announced that she had raised more than a half-million dollars in the second quarter.

Congresswoman Cammack released the following statement:

“While my focus has been on working hard to deliver for my constituents in North Central Florida during the first six months of my term, I am proud to announce that our fundraising efforts have put us in a dominant position as we look forward to my re-election campaign in 2022. I am humbled and honored by the generosity of those who have given to my campaign. People throughout the region have stepped up to send a clear message that they appreciate and support my willingness to be a vocal leader on issues such as backing the police and first responders, reining in overspending, defending our 2nd Amendment rights, securing our border, ensuring election integrity, delivering broadband here at home, and protecting the unborn.”

Rep. Cammack raised a combined half-million with $455,402.87 for her primary federal campaign account, with the remainder of the contributions going to her two affiliated committees, “Kat Victory Committee” and “KAT PAC.” The majority of the donations received came from within FL-03, signaling overwhelming local support for the Congresswoman.