Resident feedback sought on proposed Gainesville redistricting map

Press release from City of Gainesville

In advance of its March 31 special meeting, the Gainesville City Commission is seeking input from all neighbors on a proposed redistricting map that was discussed at today’s (March 28) special meeting.
Neighbors are asked to review the map, available via this link, and provide comment. (Hover over each district to view data.)

Ways to comment:

The City’s charter mandates adjustments to the boundary lines of Gainesville’s four districts within two years of the completion of a U.S. Census. Redistricting is the drawing of congressional and state legislative districts to adjust for uneven growth in different parts of the state. This occurs once every 10 years immediately following the United States Census. Redistricting guidelines include adjusting district boundaries to maintain an equal number of voters in each district.

For more information about the City’s redistricting effort, view this video. Email questions to CityComm@cityofgainesville.org.