Santa Fe College Shadows Security Management Staff at Universal Orlando Resort, Sunday, May 31

Press release from Santa Fe College

Several members of the Santa Fe College (SF) emergency management team (EMT) continued their training in order to better prepare for students returning to campus. Dr. Paul Broadie II, president of Santa Fe College, approved travel for four members of the EMT to meet with security management staff at Universal Orlando Resort on Sunday, May 31. 

Dr. Broadie stated, “this opportunity to share information is valuable in continuing to establish protocols and best practices while SF prepares to open for staff and students.” He added that “reviewing operations protocols from a leader in crowd management and security can only benefit and enhance Santa Fe College.” 

Universal and SF officials shared information with each other about the logistics for a safe return to operations. They reviewed and discussed signage, physical distancing challenges, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and screening processes. The Resort was closed during the visit and is reopening incrementally this week, so extensive access was granted to EMT members.

Gary Cothren, Director for Facilities Operations, noted that Universal Orlando Resort had focused on key items and presented them in a consistent and well-organized way that is clear and easily understandable for guests. He added that, “SF Facilities has been ordering and installing equipment and signage to strengthen the safety and welfare of the staff and students.” Within the last week, about 76 desktop acrylic guards were received and are in the process of being installed. Signage encouraging safe practices will also be installed throughout the campus and centers over the next few weeks. 

While working remotely, the college has been studying and incorporating best practices from national higher education models and from leading health organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The college’s executive leadership team and the emergency management team are currently working on a phased approach for a safe return to operations on all campus facilities.