Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo Welcomes New Zoo Babies

Press release from Santa Fe College

Over the last few months, staff and zookeepers have been working diligently to prepare the SF Teaching Zoo for guests. We know our members and visitors have been anxiously waiting to walk the trails again and say hello to zoo favorites like the capuchin monkeys and alligators. We are excited to share that guests may get a chance to sneak a peek at new additions to the zoo family when they return. 

In Winter 2019, zookeepers were so excited to welcome the zoo’s first otter pups in a decade. Prior to closing, guests were able to see them start to grow and explore. Chitra and Duncan wasted no time, and in July, they introduced us to three newborn pups. The older pups are clumsily doing their part to move their younger siblings from place to place and the parents have begun swimming lessons. It’s never a dull moment with an otter family of nine. 

One month later, zookeepers were pleasantly surprised to find Cajun, the white-handed gibbon with a tiny bundle of joy. And Cajun has not been shy about showing her newborn off. She’s often seen lying on her back in the sun with her blonde baby on her stomach or tight rope walking around her home while baby holds on tight.

The health and safety of our animal and human families is our top priority. Many new safety measures have been implemented to protect everyone in the zoo. We thank you in advance for keeping our zoo family safe when you visit us. Stay tuned for more information about reopening. We can’t wait to introduce our kids to your kids!