School board member’s house isn’t in the district for her seat; what happens now?


A group called “Concerned Alachua County Parents” has started a petition asking School Board Member Diyonne McGraw to resign immediately. The group discovered that McGraw’s home (the address she gave when qualifying) is not in District 2, which is the district she ran in; her home is in District 4.

The Supervisor of Elections office has confirmed to us that McGraw’s house is in District 4. As the map above shows, McGraw’s home is in a small area of District 4 that is cut out of District 2. School Board Chair Leanetta McNealy holds the District 4 seat.

The petition says, “Complaints have been filed with the agencies that directly oversee these matters,” but we have been unable to reach the organizers to get specifics on what they’ve done so far. We are also waiting for a response from the Supervisor of Elections about what happens now.

McGraw is part of a 3-2 majority in the School Board that supports Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon, including her plans to reorganize the administration of the school district (including the firing of a popular principal and other long-time employees) and “reimagine” schools with nearly $1 million in federal ESSER money.

This is the second story in 3 days alleging improper practices at the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections Office. Although it is a candidate’s responsibility to run in the correct district, it is also the responsibility of the Supervisor of Elections to verify that the candidate’s address is in the correct district.

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  • Things are sure getting interesting…
    Citizens are getting back into the mode of holding these politicians accountable again.
    Thank you, Jennifer, for your reporting, which gives people the information they need to be active and fight for good government.

  • She’s holding the position fraudulently. Ignorance of the laws and requirements for representing a specific district is not an excuse. Where are all the people who claim DeSantis or Trump were not elected?

    Step forward you liberal hypocrites and let your voices be heard.

    • She should be taken out in cuffs by the sheriff & thrown
      In jail…she knew or should have known.

  • Governor Desantis needs to appoint a new board member…

  • DeSantis lives near the Georgia border. It would be cool to have a Governor of 2 states FL and GA!

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