School district launches new communications/community engagement tool

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

To promote more effective community engagement and communication with Alachua County Public Schools, the district is launching a new online tool called ‘Let’s Talk!’

Let’s Talk!, which will officially go live on January 24, will allow parents, staff, and all members of the community to reach out to the district with a concern or question. The system is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The goal is to provide a response to a specific question directed to the district within two business days.

Parents and other citizens with questions for a particular school should still contact the school directly. Contact information for schools is available at www.sbac.edu/schools.

Let’s Talk! users will have the option to keep their contact information confidential while still receiving a personal response from a member of the district staff.

The Let’s Talk! system is used by school districts throughout the nation, including several in Florida, to enhance customer service, communication, and engagement with the local community. 

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To begin a conversation, users will open the Let’s Talk! tab, labeled as LT!, on the right-hand side of the district’s website at www.sbac.edu and select a topic. They can also download the Let’s Talk! mobile app and use the code AC3240 to connect with Alachua County Public Schools.

Let’s Talk! will allow the district to more effectively monitor the types of questions and comments that are most common, which will help guide the district’s communication efforts and future expansions of the Let’s Talk! platform.

“We recognize that families and the public have many questions and concerns, particularly during this difficult and confusing time,” said Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon. “Our goal with Let’s Talk! is to make it easier for the community to get the information they need and to be heard.”