Superintendent thanks USDOE for offering grants to replace funds withheld by FLDOE

Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

Today the U.S. Department of Education announced that it will be awarding grants to school districts that have had their funding cut because of mask requirements and other COVID protocols.
Below is a statement from Alachua County Public Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon regarding this announcement.

“I appreciate the U.S. Department of Education’s support of our efforts to limit the spread of COVID in our schools and community. When we spoke a couple of weeks ago, Secretary Miguel Cardona told me that his Department would back us up, and he’s been true to his word. We agree with Secretary Cardona that School Board members deserve praise for protecting their communities, not sanctions.

We will certainly apply for Project SAFE funds as soon as we receive the Notice Inviting Applications. I’m particularly pleased that the grant awards will be made directly to school districts, because it means we will not have to rely on the state to serve as a go-between.”