The Cade Goes to London

Collective Paper Aesthetics Installation at ExCeL, East London 27/05/2021 Andrew Baker studio@andrewbakerphotographer.com 07977074356

Press release from the Cade Museum

The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention has made its way across the Pond! The Institute of Imagination (iOi), a London-based charity, is hosting The Big Build from May 31-July 8 featuring the Cade’s PolyCade Project.

PolyCade utilizes paper polyhedrons, three-dimensional figures made of various flat faces, lines and sharp edges commonly used in art, design, and architecture. Visitors can build these paper sculptures up to towering heights and then tear them down to start again.

“Innovation and invention are not possible without first pushing the limits of imagination,” said Stephanie Bailes, President and Executive Director of the Cade Museum. “The PolyCade Project encourages individual exploration and a community-wide shared experience. It provides an important opportunity to fuse imagination with the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) learning process.” 

The PolyCade Project was designed exclusively for the Cade Museum by renowned Dutch artist Noa Haim of Collective Paper Aesthetics and is available to be licensed by museums around the world.

The Institute of Imagination licensed PolyCade to be a part of their Big Build initiative. The Big Build is a public art sculpture installation that was imagined by thousands of primary school students from Newham using the PolyCade polyhedrons. In May, 14 schools explored how to transform ideas into 3D models, creating polyhedron sculptures that represent hope, celebration, and community in the wake of the pandemic. The children’s vision was then brought to life on a large scale across the district by Danish-born East Ham artist Anne Harild.

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The Institute of Imagination writes, “This exciting initiative brings much needed creativity to the heart of Newham, one of the London districts hardest hit by the pandemic. Inspired by the district’s 2021 Year of the Young Person, the sculptures aim to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of young people across Newham. Each sculpture provides an opportunity for children and young people to design and build together in a symbol of collaboration and hope.”

The Big Build has been and is on display in the following locations on the following dates:

1. Thames Barrier Park | 31st May – 17th June

2. London Design & Engineering UTC | 1st June – 1st July

3. Queen’s Market | 2nd June – 2nd July

4. Beckton Globe Library | 3rd June – 5th July

5. Westfield Stratford City | 4th June – 6th July

6. East Ham Library | 5th June – 7th July

7. Olympic Park – Pontoon Cafe | 6th June – 8th July