Theresa J. Choi appointed as the new Executive Director of The Academy Preschool

Press release from The Academy Preschool

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Academy Preschool, a renowned institution in the Child Care and Early Childhood Education (ECE) industry under The Family Church, proudly announces the appointment of Theresa J. Choi as its new Executive Director. Theresa is a seasoned professional, respected as the Children’s Director at The Family Church with over three years of experience. She graduated from Clemson University and holds a Master’s degree in Higher Education Management from Tsinghua University, one of the world’s most highly-ranked institutions.

Theresa is revered for her innovative approach to teaching and leadership, which she now brings to The Academy Preschool. Her focus is to enrich the spiritual and cognitive development of children, aiming to create a comprehensive management system that incorporates a multitude of pivotal components including Enhanced Security, Smart Monitoring, Personalized Learning, and more.

“Theresa’s vision resonates with our core values. Her dedication to nurturing a loving environment where children learn about Jesus, combined with her commitment to advanced learning experiences through modern technologies, will indubitably forge the future of our institution,” said a representative from The Academy Preschool.

Theresa’s appointment is significant for The Academy Preschool and the broader ECE industry. Her emphasis on Efficient Resource Management, Streamlined Parent-Teacher Collaboration, and Intelligent Parental Guidance aligns with the industry’s shift towards a more integrated approach to education.

Moreover, Theresa’s dedication to launching initiatives such as Early Intervention and Special Needs Support, Early Language Development Support, and Predictive Analytics for Childhood Development showcases her commitment to inclusive and innovative childcare practices. This approach aims to provide custom learning experiences and early intervention strategies that foster the optimal growth and development of each child.

“At The Academy Preschool, we strive to become a place where people learn to love God and others, as documented in the Bible. Theresa’s forward-thinking approach promises to revolutionize our curricula and operations, potentially transforming us into a leading force within the ECE industry,” added the representative.

The Academy Preschool and its stakeholders are enthusiastic about integrating Theresa’s strategies into their programs. Her professional experience, steadfast faith, and innovative thought leadership are poised to drive The Academy Preschool into a new age of comprehensive, faith-based early childhood education.