Tips to help you get top performance out of your home internet connection

Press release from Cox Communications

There’s no denying it, internet traffic is up across the country. Many families are navigating working from home and learning from home. The average American household has as many as 20 or more devices connected to the internet.

Cox is committed to keeping you connected. Cox senior vice president and Southeast region manager Anthony Pope said, “Our highly redundant and resilient network is fully operational. We are completely staffed around the clock, and our all-hands-on-deck team of nationwide network professionals can holistically monitor and manage our network, both physically from our network operations centers and virtually, if needed.”

Cox has already thoroughly tested the network, and we have software-enabled and virtualized significant portions of our network to proactively and reactively solve temporary customer and network issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Even with a strong network, you may be experiencing some internet issues at home. Here are some tips to make sure you’re getting top performance at home:

·       Video Conferencing Video calls are a strain on your service, so consider them only for the most important calls.

·       Connected Cameras Do you have a doorbell camera or other cameras inside or outside your house? If they’re set to the highest resolution, they could be slowing your service.  You can adjust settings and reduce the resolution and still effectively monitor the areas.

·       Panoramic Wifi View and manage devices on your home internet from the Panoramic Wifi app. You can turn the kids’ iPads off when they’ve reached an agreed-upon time. Or pause their wifi when you’re on an important video call.

·       Computer viruses Viruses and malware can be slowing down your home internet.  Check out cox.com to learn more about using your Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee. To help protect against future threats, Panoramic Wifi customers can turn on Advanced Security in the Panoramic Wifi app.

·       Secure your wifi Make sure you have your home internet password protected and no one else but your family is using it, especially now.

·       Be a wifi pro Your internet experience may be slowed down if your wifi router is near a microwave, a fish tank, or mirror. Check out some great wifi tips here.

We’re keeping tabs on internet usage across the nation, and you can too through this website: https://www.ncta.com/COVIDdashboard.