UF urges students to “truly practice social distancing”


UF is urging its students to “truly practice social distancing.” In a message from Dr. D’Andra Mull, Vice President of Student Affairs, students are reminded that “the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus… Our state, our home, needs the Gator family to step up and help with this mission!”

“What is not social distancing:

  • Piling on a couch with friends for a movie night.
  • Going to a party with a large group of people
  • Group travel or trips
  • Socializing in a crowded bar”

The memo goes on to remind students to wash their hands and sanitize surfaces, refrain from shaking hands, and refrain from touching community surfaces. It also tells students that “While you may be feeling fine, your engagement in social settings may contribute to someone else getting sick… The potential for life threatening consequences is real.”

Students are urged to self-quarantine and call the Student Health Care Center if they feel ill.