Upcoming local government meetings


City of Gainesville

Monday, October 14 – Digital Access Subcommittee

  • Adding Conduit Requirement for Developers
  • Municipal Broadband/Lifeline Broadband Program
  • Woodland Park
  • Data Governance
  • Smart City Update

Tuesday, October 15 – Race and Equity Subcommittee

  • Comprehensive Plan Draft Resolution
  • Race & Equity Subcommittee Goals
  • Community Conversation
  • Race & Equity Initiative Community Kick-Off

Wednesday, October 16 – Utility Advisory Board

  • Draft Energy Policy for the City of Gainesville

Thursday, October 17 – City Commission

Business Discussion Items

  • Temporary Roll-Back of Rental and Public Lighting and Pole Rates
  • Request for the City Commission to Allocate Funds from the Wild Spaces & Public Places Unappropriated Fund Balance for Small Projects
  • Proposed City of Gainesville Comprehensive Plan Scope of Work
  • myGNV Launch Update


  • Resolution Authorizing the Execution of GRU Financial Transactions
  • 802 NW 5th Ave Commercial Building

Ordinances, 2nd Reading

  • Vacation of Public Right-of-Way – Portion of NW 8th Place Located in Kiwanis’ Girl Scout Park
  • Text Change – Amending the Land Development Code to Allow Mini-Warehouses, Self-Storage in the Automative-Oriented Business Zoning District
  • Amending the Code of Ordinances Relating to the Board of Adjustment, Variances, Nuisance Abatement and Appeals Procedures

Alachua County

Monday, October 14:

Deferred Compensation Advisory Committee

Veteran Services Advisory Board

Alachua County Historical Commission

Tuesday, October 15:

Board of County Commissioners Special Meeting

  • Presentation on Sports Events Center by Victus Advisors
  • Utilities in County ROW
  • Special Assessment District

Rural Concerns Advisory Committee

MTPO, US Hwy 441 Community Workshop

Wednesday, October 16:

MTPO, Year 2045 Long-range Transportation Plan Technical Working Group

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

Local Planning Agency and Planning Commission

Thursday, October 17:

MTPO, Year 2045 Long-range Transportation Plan Technical Working Group

Criminal Justice Mental Health Substance Abuse Grant

Development Review Committee Hearing

Self-Insured Review Committee

Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center Advisory Board

Friday, October 18:

Gainesville-Alachua County Regional Airport Authority – Regular Monthly Meeting

Alachua County School Board

Tuesday, October 15 – School Board

  • First Amendment to First Renewal Boulware Springs Charter School, Inc., Charter School Contract
  • Third Amendment to First Renewal North Central Florida Public Charter School, Inc., Charter School Contract

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