Waldo man charged with attempted homicide

Garrett Culverson


According to a sworn complaint filed by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy was called to The Classic Inn at 14925 NE U.S. Hwy 301 in Waldo just before midnight on April 13 in reference to a stabbing.

A maintenance man at the Inn said that he and the manager had recently changed a lock that Garrett Vincent Culverson, 31, who lived at the Inn, had altered without permission. Culverson was angry that the locks were being changed back, and he began “causing a scene.”

Culverson began hitting the maintenance man and then started swinging a knife at his neck. The victim deflected the blow but was cut on the nose. The two continued fighting, rolling to the ground, where Culverson stabbed the lower right side of the victim’s neck, cutting him down to the lower right pectoral area.

Culverson fled the scene before the deputy arrived. Two witnesses described the incident, the victim’s injuries were consistent with his account, and the bloody knife was found at the scene. Culverson could not be located, so a sworn complaint was filed.

Culverson was arrested on April 15 and charged with attempted homicide.