Win America Political Action Committee launches

Press release from Win America Political Action Committee

Win America PAC would like to announce the launch of our organization. Our mission is to support, fund, and defend young conservatives dedicated to enacting the America First agenda and preventing a Radical Left takeover. In three short months, we have been privileged to gain the support of friends, public officials, candidates, and fellow patriots nationwide. In that same amount of time, our organization has raised close to $20,000. But, this is only the beginning.

 Win America was founded by a diverse group of young, passionate conservatives eager to change the political landscape. Our leadership includes our Chairman, Marlon C. Bruce, Vice Chairman Nicholas A. Lahera, and Second Vice Chairman Alejandro J. Puga. Among our team, some have run for office, all of us were staff for President Donald J. Trump’s re-election campaign, and many of us currently serve our communities in official capacities. The unique backgrounds and combined political experience of the team have proven to be valuable assets. 

Our team is excited to be promoting conservative values. We are unapologetic in our beliefs. However, our nation is at a dangerous crossroads: with illegal immigration, a weak economy, and the Constitution under attack by the Radical Left, we have decided to take a stand. 

While other organizations generate excitement for the Conservative Movement, we intend to channel that enthusiasm into action and activism. The development of a field program will support our overall mission and create a way for this generation to promote political experience and build long-lasting relationships. To attract these individuals, we are forming a solid, reliable brand they can trust.

To achieve our goal of electing true conservatives to public office and activating the conservative base, we are focusing on education, action, and outreach. We instill an in-depth understanding of conservatism in our membership, conduct outreach, raise funds for candidate support, and build partnerships within the Republican Party to expand the Conservative Movement and strengthen the Republican base.

By joining our ranks, we provide individuals with the opportunity to aid young conservatives in their pursuit of public office. We also offer the chance to influence policy that impacts their community and work towards stopping the Left’s march towards socialism.

We need your help to carry out our mission against the Radical Left. By becoming a member of Win America, you will be a part of the team that restores American Greatness! Contact us at winamericapac.com and become a member today! For more information, please reach out to us at GetInvolved@WinAmericaPAC.com.