Woman arrested after kicking officer


A disturbance around 6 p.m. last night at the Circle K gas station at University and 13th resulted in one arrest and a sworn complaint.

The arrest report from Gainesville Police Department states that Officer Michael Rometty heard loud yelling coming from the gas station parking lot at 1255 W University Ave.

When he pulled into the station, he was waved down by Ayranique Thomas, 22, and Jacob Morris, 40. They both said a homeless man had been yelling at them but that he was now walking away. The officer told them to go home and that he would go speak with the other party.

The officer drove over to the other party, at which point Thomas and Jacob were separated from the other party by about 50 feet and a wall, but they were all still yelling at each other. Before the officer could get to the other party, Thomas ran past him with her fists up and threatened to hurt the other party.

The officer stepped between the parties, then Morris ran over, yelling and threatening to hurt the other party. The officer ordered Thomas and Morris to go back to their car.

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More officers arrived and spoke with Thomas and Morris, who were handcuffed after “their demeanor toward police became violent.”

After Thomas was handcuffed, she began to swing her arms and kick Officer Garrett Courville, and she again kicked him when she was placed in the rear of the police car.

There were no injuries, and Thomas was taken to Shands ER for clearance and then to the Alachua County jail. A sworn complaint was issued to Morris.