Woman arrested and charged with stabbing even though blood-covered victim denied being stabbed


Zamarye Qwenteria Johnson, 27, was arrested yesterday after deputies received a report of a stabbing. Several callers to the Combined Communications Center reportedly claimed that Johnson had called them, admitted to stabbing the victim, expressed “pleasure” in that, and refused to get him medical care while she said he was bleeding inside her car.

Deputies found Johnson, the victim, and a witness at the incident location, and all three denied knowledge of any stabbing. According to deputies, the victim had two “obvious and fresh” wounds on his arm that appeared to be puncture wounds from a knife, and “the blood was fresh in color and texture.” The victim also had blood on the top of his shoes and on his hands. He claimed that his wounds were caused by broken glass at Johnson’s home the night before.

The witness also had blood on his shirt and reportedly expressed his opinions “against law enforcement’s presence on scene.” He reportedly said that the blood on his shirt came from being in the car.

Johnson reportedly had a small blood droplet on the front of her dress, blood on her thumbnail, and two small cuts on her hands “that appeared to be offensive wounds from a blade.”

Deputies reported that there was a “large amount of bright and fresh blood” all over the driver’s side of the vehicle and blood smudged on the passenger door and on the left side of the passenger seat. The silver handle of a kitchen knife was reportedly sticking out of a purse in the front passenger seat.

Post Miranda, Johnson reportedly said that the victim had been staying at her home and had become paranoid about an intruder on the previous evening and armed himself with a kitchen knife that had a silver handle. She also reportedly said that the victim had brushed against a nail protruding from the wall of her home early that morning and that he began bleeding profusely, with blood pouring down his arm; she said she treated the wound with baby wipes, and he stopped bleeding. She reportedly said that when they had arrived at the incident location, they began arguing, and the knife “appeared” on the seat of the car, so she grabbed it and put it in her purse; she did not know how it got in the car.

Johnson has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and has been released from the Alachua County Jail.

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