Woman convicted of attempted murder of her children


State Attorney Bill Cervone announced today that Judge Mark Moseley found Melissa Mack guilty of two counts of attempted first degree murder and one count of attempted second degree murder in a 2-day non-jury trial. Mack will be sentenced once a court-mandated pre-sentence investigation is completed.

According to court records, Mack was arrested on August 17, 2019 after driving into incoming traffic in an attempt to crash into a tanker truck carrying 330 gallons of gasoline. After the driver of the truck swerved to avoid Mack’s vehicle, Mack allegedly made a u-turn and rammed the tanker truck from the rear.

Mack’s 2 preschool children were in her car. Earlier that afternoon, she had reportedly told a long-time friend that she would get in an accident later that day that would kill her and her children. Mack told her friend to say goodbye to the children, then she left.

The children and the driver of the tanker truck were not hurt in the accident. Mack sustained some bruising from her seatbelt.