Woman frustrated with ATM hits Wawa clerk

Lori Ann Chamberlain, 54, was arrested on Christmas Eve after becoming frustrated with an ATM at Wawa and then allegedly hitting a store employee.

At about 9:00 p.m. on December 24, Chamberlain was trying to get cash from an ATM inside the Wawa at 1007 E. University Avenue and allegedly began hitting the ATM with her hands and yelling. The store manager asked her to stop hitting the ATM, and then Chamberlain began yelling at the employee and allegedly hit her in the face.

Chamberlain then left the store in her pickup truck. She was pulled over by a Gainesville Police Department officer after driving a short distance, and the officer reported that she spontaneously said she was angry that she was unable to get money out of the ATM and that she had shoved a Wawa employee.

After the Miranda warning was read, Chamberlain reportedly said she did not understand it, so the officer read it again. She then said she did not want to speak to the officer. As two officers tried to handcuff her, she allegedly tried to pull away and tried to pull her hands free. After she was handcuffed and placed in the back of the patrol car, a female officer arrived to search her. When the female officer was done searching her, Chamberlain allegedly refused to get into the patrol car and tried to pull away from officers. The officers reported that she refused multiple commands to get into the car. After multiple warnings that she would be charged with resisting an officer, she allegedly continued to refuse to comply, and she was pulled into the car from behind.

Chamberlain has been charged with simple battery and resisting an officer without violence.