13-year-old bicyclist’s injuries life-threatening after collision on NW 13th Street


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Last night at about 7:35 p.m., a 13-year-old bicyclist was hit by a car on NW 13th Street and transported to the hospital as a trauma alert with life-threatening injuries.

According to Gainesville Police Department, the bicyclist was riding west on NW 44th Avenue and was hit by a car when he entered the roadway of NW 13th Street. The driver of the car told investigators that she braked as soon as she saw the front wheel of the bicycle entering the roadway, but she was unable to stop in time.

Gainesville Police Department posted an update at 8 p.m. on January 26, reporting that the child was in critical but stable condition.

    • Perhaps no brakes either if it’s discovered the rider failed to stop before entering the intersecting roadway.

      It’s a tragedy it happened and the scars will remain for those affected. How many times have we seen cyclists & pedestrians “claiming their rights” to the roadways without regard for the 2 ton vehicle that is usually traveling at a higher rate of speed? Not saying it’s always the cyclist’s fault but unlike the majority of city and county commissioners, it’s NOT always the fault of the driver of the vehicle either.

      • Looks there’s a couple “deflectors” out there. Go figure, they must be related to some of the commissioners. Either that or they know them well…apparently very well. đŸ˜‰

  • Same road, same rules? So why aren’t bicyclist cited when not stopping at stop signs, running red lights, no working lights, not signalling before turning? I see them do it right in front of the police, they don’t even flinch.
    I have a dash cam front and rear to protect myself from the “bike is always right” nuts. Besides Gainesville has everyone believing that pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way and that is fatally incorrect.

  • The driver remained on scene. Such a rare occurrence these days. Hope this is not another THI to add to the record high numbers.

  • Bikes should have front lights, rear lights, reflectors, registration, license tags, and pay their fair share for bike lanes if they are going to share the roads with automobiles….we know that some bike riders ride the roads like jaywalkers cross the street…we know people and bike riders wear dark clothing at night and are hard to see…Hope the child is ok. Very sad…

  • Swerving out of the way is sometimes overlooked as an option when brakes aren’t going to be effective.

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