15-year-old arrested for threatening school shooting at Buchholz High School


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Sta’nicia Z. Brown, 15, has been arrested and charged with making a written threat of a mass shooting, making a false report of the violent use of firearms, and using a two-way communication device to facilitate a felony after allegedly making an Instagram post on Friday that said there would be a school shooting at Buchholz High School today.

On March 17 at about 5:30 p.m., Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ASO) began receiving reports about an Instagram post that said, “DON’T COME TO SCHOOL MONDAY IF YOU AINT TRYNA DIE!! IM FINNA SHOOT THIS B**CH A** SCHOOL UP *ONLY BHS KIDS* GAINESVILLE FL.”

ASO submitted an exigent order to Meta Platforms for information associated with the account, and the phone number they received was identified as belonging to Sta’nicia’s father. Deputies made contact with Sha’nicia and her father at their home and reportedly learned that Sta’nicia’s phone number matched the phone number on the Instagram account, which was created at 3:42 p.m. on March 17.

Deputies reportedly inspected her phone and found that the Instagram account on the phone was logged in to the account that had made the threats. Sha’nicia has been taken into custody and has been charged with three felonies.

Buchholz sent an email to parents at 10 p.m. on Friday night, letting them know that a suspect was in custody regarding the threat.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Report the entire post. It also said I’m tired of these kids bullying me‼️

    • Oh the post said she was bullied, too?!? Well then, that solves it. That would be a perfectly good justification for shooting all her classmates, huh? Good grief…we gotta lot of snowflakes in the world these days.

      • No one said it’s justification for the action and without a doubt it was wrong but addressing the underlining issue can keep this type of stuff from happening our kids deserve to feel safe at school

    • I’m tired of paying the absurd utility rates and taxes too. Nice deflection and condonance of the threat. Just gotta love when an idiot does that.

      There’s a policy within the SBAC and every school under it’s purview and none turn a blind eye when reported.

  • So bullying justifies what she did. Makes sense. Parents get hold of your kids. Why did the parents not know what was being posted. I believe she is under 18. Parents need to have control of their kids apps and what they can post. I would venture to guess the parents bought the phone for her and pay the bill. They are just as much at fault for not knowing what is going on with their kid. Get involved and stop letting social media raise kids.

  • Maybe it’s time to normalize home schooling, and make attending a public school merit based instead?

  • Sta’nicia? sounds black, no way in hell ACSB and their equality is “FINNA” let her get bullied.

  • This would be an appropriate time for Quick Fraud McGraw to back up her recent shallow discipline rant. Of course please leave out the fact she was in reportedly office illegally and accepted tens of thousands of dollars from the taxpayers , schools and student geared money and appears to have never paid it back. What a great example for the kids. Go woke go broke and let crime take over Gainesville. Clueless School Board will still be in wonderment at decade from now when we are at 70 per cent charter schools and 30 per cent same ole; same ole; failed non disciplined charter schools and non disciplined, over paid School Board Members. Lets take a vote where our school taxes are redirected towards a real education for the kids.

  • Glad they got in trouble. These little hood rats need to be nipped in the bud before they turn into criminals.

  • Of course, being bullied does not justify shooting up the school. But being bullied is a very serious situation. It has been going on forever. My son was so bullied that he quit school after the 8th grade. He was at Westwood Middle School. He was ashamed to tell me what was going on. I thought he was depressed, with no clue it was because he was being bullied. My son is a very intelligent boy. It is so sad what happened to him. I wish I could go back in time knowing what I know now. He is just now at the point he wants to get his GED at 23 years old. He suffers from acute social anxiety. I’m sure the bullies in this world have no idea how badly they can damage a person for life! I wish our school systems were able to watch our children better and were able to recognize when a child is being bullied. It is not hard if you pay attention and care about the children. When you are so busy and short staffed it is very difficult. That is why teachers need more help in the classroom and probably better incentives to want to teach our children in this day and time. I know there are very good teachers out there. This is not a negative comment about teachers in any way. It is a negative comment toward the government and school board that there needs to be changes to protect children from bullies. This has been an ongoing challenge for many many years. I wish parents could all come together and get rid of phones for their children. That is unrealistic at this point. This world is so messed up through social media I doubt things will ever get any better. I feel bad for all those children affected by bullies. It is a really sad situation. I love children and they should be able to enjoy their childhood and be able to learn in a safe and good environment. They should be able to make great memories of growing up. I feel sad for my grandchildren.

  • My kids have been to Ft. Clarke Middle and westwood middle as well as Buchholz. My son is autistic and my other son has ODD as well as my daugther has social anexity. My 2 boys went thru hell with kids bulling them for years. He even attempted suicide due to it. I tried to help him and get him help however the school did nothing gave them the names of the kids and they did nothing. Only by the grace of God they are both still here and graduated.
    My daugther was jumped twice at ft. clarke middle and the school did nothing. we knew who did it and there was video of the attack and the school did nothing. the kids were never suspended didnt even had a talking to. Then when they tried to do it again the girl hit my child and my daugther hit her back and she got charged with battery for hitting the child that hit her. So what does that mean to the child that even when they defend themselves they get in trouble. The school board is messed up when it comes to this. She left school and she just turned 18. She tried online but it was so much more diffcult than going to school. She never graduated. now she has so much anexity that she is afraid to get out in the world and get a job like normal people. She had a good job and due to the boss yelling at her she never went back . Kids sometimes are not able to handle the pressure that bosses put on us. Something needs to be done about the school. Seems like the admin doesnt care about things happening. I have first hand knowledge of the admin in different schools and referrals are sent in daily and nothing is being done about the behavior. They put it in the file and say dont do it again and they do it again and nothing. The only time the do something is if they do like this child did or if it deals with someones life. other than that kids get to do whatever and the parents are sometimes aware of it and they dont care due to they cant control their own kids. So i am not sure of what can happen or what is gna change but something needs to cuz our grandchildren are gna come into this world and its gna be worse and the kids we have now that are going thru this wont be able to live in a society that we have now. someone plz help our children.

    • I am so sorry for what you and your children have gone through. I wish there was something I could say or do to help. Your daughter and my son appear to be suffering the same way. I know there are many many children suffering like this because I have spoken to many people about my son and they have told me of similar situations with their own children. When I used to take my son to UF Adolescent Psychiatry the office was standing room only with kids all over the place. It was unbelievable!! It was so sad. It should not be this way. When I was a child kids never had to go see a Psychiatrist! Only in extreme circumstances. The doctors kept putting my son on medication after medication without weening him off the medication first. He became homicidal on Prozac. Literally. We took him off that medication immediately! They put him on like 6 different medications and almost made him crazy! Now he never wants to take any medications ever again. I understand where he is coming from. Now he suffers from chronic social anxiety. Hasn’t left the house since 2013. This world is so messed up.

  • These comments are ugly and truly a shame. The kid was wrong but don’t act like kids aren’t people too, pressure burst pipes and we all know that. Some kind of way the school system needs to step up and get those bad seeds off the school grounds, our kids go to school to learn not to fight and be bullied. As I said the threat was wrong but we can’t ignore what led to this point.

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