16-year-old charged as adult in July armed robbery


ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Anthony Ricchiuti, 16, of Old Town, has been charged as an adult with armed burglary and armed robbery in a July incident involving Amanda Reann Messer, 21, and another juvenile.

Messer allegedly drove Ricchiuti and the other juvenile to the robbery location and waited in the car while Ricchiuti robbed the victim, an Archer man, of cash and the keys to his vehicle by holding him at gunpoint. Ricchiuti then allegedly took the victim’s wallet from his truck, got back into Messer’s car, and fled the area. The pair are also charged with armed burglary of a home in the Weschester neighborhood.

The vehicle and tag were seen on a surveillance video at the robbery site, and the vehicle was later located in Newberry. A search of the vehicle reportedly found a ski mask, the victim’s wallet, a handgun, and cash in several denominations. Post Miranda, Messer reportedly said that one of the juveniles had come up with the idea to rob the victim.

Messer has been formally charged with armed burglary and armed robbery. She was released on her own recognizance with a curfew.

Ricchiuti has also been formally charged with armed burglary and armed robbery, but the document notes that he was in actual possession of a firearm and that the charges are 10-20-Life charges for him. Ricchiuti is being held on $500,000 bail.

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  • Nice mullet!!!
    Round up all the accompanying juveniles who planned this and make them pay as well.
    Where’s mom and dad? They should be held responsible as he’s only 16.

    • I’m not sure I believe she didn’t plan the whole thing. I wouldn’t just take her word for it, obviously. Hopefully there is some evidence to help figure that out. Releasing her into the custody of her mother and $500,000 bond for him sounds like an awfully big disparity, especially since he is 16 and she is 21. They seem to be treating her like an overgrown child, but not him (and he is a child).

  • Is 10-20-Life still a thing? It seems it NEVER gets used anymore. I see all of these arrests of people with violent felony offenses miles long. Why are they continually being arrested if 10-20-Life is still a thing? This is the first I have heard of this mentioned in a long time and ironic that it’s involving a minor. Want to decrease crime? Use it ALL the time on these violent, repeat offenders. They laugh in the face of justice i.e. law enforcement, the courts, their victims.

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