18-year-old arrested in Hidden Oaks shooting of 17-year-old


18-year-old Raua Victor Oliveira David De Souza was arrested early this morning in connection with the November 27 shooting of a 17-year-old male in the Hidden Oaks mobile home park. He has been charged with carrying a concealed firearm without a license.

At about 3 a.m. on Sunday morning, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office deputies were conducting an increased patrol in the area of 1200 NW 34th Terrace, across NW 34th Street from Westwood Middle School, because of an alert that Oliveira David De Souza was driving in the area. A deputy spotted Oliveira David De Souza’s silver Chevrolet Sonic and followed it until backup arrived because Oliveira David De Souza had an active felony warrant for armed robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

After the vehicle was stopped, deputies saw a 9mm handgun tucked beneath the driver’s seat, easily accessible by Oliveira David De Souza and not securely encased. A plastic bag of a green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana was also visible, and deputies could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. Also, a red turban-style piece of headwear, which Oliveira David De Souza was described as wearing during the shooting, was in plain view in the car.

Oliveira David De Souza’s bail is listed as $200,000 for the previous charges and $25,000 for the charge of carrying a concealed firearm without a license.

  • The sheriff should institute a “crew cut” for all new jail
    Recruits upon booking…

  • Hmmmm? There has to be some common denominator present.

    Another potential prom date for Poe’s or Ward’s daughters.

    All you bleeding heart liberals, it’s not the legally armed people you should be worrying about, those individuals may be the ones you end up turning to for protection one day.

    Until then, keep believing…

    • The pistol is not illegal, only the manner in which it was being improperly carried.

  • these 2 obviously failed logic class! Neither of them have as much common sense as my dog!
    But Poe will give them $500 / month guaranteed income when they get out! (enough for a couple guns each)

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