18-year-old charged as adult in armed burglary, aggravated assault when he was 17

Lorenzo Joshua Johnson, Jr., who turned 18 on November 8, has been charged as an adult in an incident on October 28 in which he allegedly committed armed burglary and aggravated assault.

The charging documents allege that Johnson entered an apartment at Majestic Oaks with a handgun, with the intent of committing assault or battery. He is prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition because he was previously convicted of an offense that would have been a felony if committed by an adult. Johnson then allegedly threatened two residents of the apartment and struck one of them. He also allegedly took the cell phone of one of the residents.

Johnson is being held on a combined bail of $340,000 on the charges.

  • Very good. That’s the problem with the system
    Not being tough enough when they’re a juvenile…
    They just commit more crimes like this guy…he didn’t
    Learn the first time…if they’re gonna act like a gangsta,
    Then you need to treat them like a gangsta…his public
    Defender will argue he was a juvenile at the time and
    Try and get him off…these are serious charges and this
    Guy can’t do this again…

    • Where did that 17 year old get a gun? It’s probably
      Stolen…these juveniles need to be “direct filed” to
      Adult courts, not juvenile courts where they let them
      Go and try to hide their criminal pasts..

  • If you add the 9 months that he was in the womb,
    Then he was definitely 18 years old when he did this
    last crime…”don’t do the crime if you can’t do the crime”… I hope Poe & Co (SAO) doesn’t let this one
    Go in the name of equity or whatever BS they were
    Saying is why black youths commit crimes.

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