18-year-old woman arrested in shooting of 12-year-old

Quashaunti Aloney Samuel


18-year-old Quashaunti Aloney Samuel was arrested this evening on a charge of attempted first degree murder; she is accused of shooting a 12-year-old early Tuesday morning.

According to the sworn complaint, deputies from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ASO) responded to the 6900 block of SW 6th Place (Holly Heights neighborhood) at 1:03 a.m. on June 29 after receiving reports of gunshots in the area. Gunshots were heard again at 1:07 a.m. Deputies located one gunshot victim, a 12-year-old male, with multiple gunshot wounds, and arranged for transportation to UF Health Shands.

A witness provided surveillance video from the outside of his apartment, and the video showed three suspects, two wearing face masks and one without a face mask. The video also provided audio, on which could be heard a voice that sounded female and “clear audio of approximately 6 gunshots immediately after the three suspects walk away from the camera.” The time on the video was approximately 1:07 a.m., matching the time of the reported gunshots.

Another witness volunteered that they had heard a name of one of the suspects: “Quashaunti,” a young black female with short hair who possibly lived in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred.

When a detective interviewed the victim, the victim confirmed there were multiple shooters and that the only one he saw was a female with short hair. He also said that after the female shot first, she said, “Shoot him in the head” to her companions.

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Deputies found 11 spent shell casings from three different caliber firearms: a .380 handgun, a .40 Cal handgun, and a 9mm handgun.

The victim positively identified Quashaunti Samuel from a photo line-up. The detective filed a sworn complaint, a warrant for Samuel’s arrest was issued, and Samuel was arrested today. The warrant specifies that she be held on $500,000 bail.

  • Wonder who they will blame for this horrible crime? In what way did the 12 year old child have a negative impact on these individuals? Hopefully law enforcement will catch the other 2 and stop the evil from affecting someone else’s life.
    I’m guessing the county will have to prepare for a lawsuit from the alleged shooter since the sheriff’s department identified them as a “female.”

    For “I can read a map” from an earlier story…hopefully they can read this:

    Didn’t say it was in Gainesville but nice that you made a good point to make note of.

    Maybe people like yourself will see how the impact of the liberal policies being enacted by Gainesville leadership is spreading into the outlying communities like a disease. A pestilence taking over whole communities not only here but throughout the country. People who claim to be woke but unable to wipe the ignorance and hypocrisy from their own eyes will always look to blame others and devour the people who have a different opinion.

    Try as we may, no mask will afford anyone protection from it…

    • Things will be so much better when you things are all gone. Your colonizing has meantally, socially and emotionally ruined a whole civilization of people. You’ve committed genocide on 6 if 7 continents. Enough is enough. Red and blue are wings of the same dirty bird. Time’s up. You’re not even Caucasians, you stole their identity too, who and what are you besides parasites of the solar system? That was rhetorical.

      • Accurate yet amusing response. In OUR words “you better say it!”. @Van
        @realtruth2020…your level of ignorance is astounding. When in history have “people like yourself” not kill, steal. And destroy. Literally everywhere you people go ends in violence and destruction. A person’s actions isn’t depicted by the color of their skin. If this were not fact, YOU would raping, looting, and plundering then renaming it “spoils of war”. Say prayers for the child and take your idiocy elsewhere

        • This person’s actions against a 12 year old wasn’t depicted by their color either. However what you fail to acknowledge is the action was influenced by the evil that lies within their heart. Another argument could be made is the absence of a positive role model in the life of the alleged shooter. It’s the same evil that lies in many hearts that have turned Chicago and other cities around the country into a “wild west” on weekends. Happened last week in Gainesville if you don’t remember.

          Is it your level of bias and own inherent need to blame society or someone else for everything that happens to another person especially if that wrong is affected on a minority? Who is the “OUR” you’re referring to? People with the same hate and contempt for pointing out the real truth to people like yourself?

          Instead of saying what I would be doing if I was a specific race or ethnic group, maybe you should be looking for a counselor to help you identify your misplaced anger. When I pray for the young child who was impacted in such a horrendous way, I’ll also say a prayer that the anger you have will be removed from you.

        • Kind of like when Barack Obama spent 8 years sending our troops to murder people throughout the Middle East, drone striking weddings, etc. I remember.
          Ahh yes the legacy of our first African America president, a racist ass war hawk that gave idiots such as yourself way too much of an ego boost.

      • Was the mean-faced, semi-retarded thing trying to kill the boy because he is white? Is that what you are saying? Do you have more inside info that could be used by the prosecution?

      • You are pathetic and obviously miserable!! The poison you spew tells us exactly who you are…which is NOTHING!! A child got shot and this is what you have to say?? You’re the same person who’ll be arrested for a Mass shooting in the near future….you probably have an Arsenal of weapons and explosives in your possession right now…..

    • The Holly Heights neighborhood is between I75 and Tower Road. Well within the area of the proposed Springs County. If created, what will you conservative haters of all things liberal and Democrat do differently to stop this violence inn Holly Heights when it is YOUR problem? Will Springs County have high taxes for lots of jails to “lock em all up?” Will your vigilantes use your AR15s to shoot em all? WHAT WILL YOU DO DIFFERENT?

      • “What is Springs County going to do to take care of Holly Heights?!?” Why can’t the neighborhood take care of itself instead of acting like a bunch of infantile people who belong in a big rubber room? That being said, putting up cameras everywhere is not a bad idea.

      • One thing I won’t do…start crying to defund the police. Sure would like to see where those “vigilantes” are you mentioned. On a more positive note since you mentioned it – Whatever is done has to be an improvement over what current leadership is doing. Just saying…

      • Imagine being so far gone that you attempt to blame thuggery on a county that doesn’t even exist yet.

        • Harry…that just continues the trend of liberals…always looking for someone or something else to blame. People better watch out, with the current leadership, the next tree that falls on someone’s house might sue the homeowner because the house interfered with the force of gravity.

  • Wheres the NAACP when it really matters? Oh thats right they’re to busy defending someones school board seat for a person that didn’t even live in the area they signed up to run in, then they try to cry travesty and racism when thier removed. Were on record pace to beat last years double than average shooting numbers. anyone wanna find the statistics on black on black VS White shootings here in town? i’ve been keeping track, have you? force feed your garbage down someone else’s throat. Tired of waking up reading the news and hearing about this BS on a daily basis here in the town i’ve called home for 36 years.

  • wow i was locked up with this wannabe ganster. but a 12yr old really bitch.

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