2 arrested for attempted murder after drive-by shooting


Two men were arrested on charges of attempted homicide after gunfire was reported at 1900 SW 68th Terrace. At 9:21 p.m. on July 3, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of multiple people sustaining gunshot wounds. Two victims were found in a car with gunshot wounds, and the car also had damage from gunfire. Both victims were transported to the hospital.

One victim was able to provide a statement to law enforcement, indicating that she was the front seat passenger in a car when another car pulled alongside them and multiple shots were fired into the passenger compartment, striking her and the driver. She provided a description of a two-door black Dodge Challenger.

Law enforcement found a vehicle matching that description a short distance away and stopped the car, which was occupied by James Leon Marshall Jr., 26, the driver, and Brendan Deshay Marshall, age 25. Officers observed two firearms in the back seat, partially covered by floor mats, and one of the firearms used the same caliber of ammunition that was found at the scene of the shooting.

One of the victims gave an additional statement, saying that Brendan Marshall had made threats against the other victim because Marshall believed the victim had stolen a firearm from him.

After the arrest, James Marshall denied any involvement in the incident. Brendan Marshall said he had intended to verbally confront one of the victims about the stolen firearm, then, as he pulled alongside the vehicle, James Marshall “somewhat unexpectedly” reached into the back seat of the vehicle, retrieved a “Draco,” and fired multiple rounds into the other vehicle.

Both victims are undergoing medical treatment, and the injuries sustained by the second victim are considered to be life-threatening.

Both men were charged with two counts of attempted first-degree premeditated murder. James Marshall was also charged with firing a missile into a vehicle and possession of weapon or ammo by a convicted felon.

  • According to County Clerk records, James Marshall was sentenced 2015-CF-001709 to five years in prison in August 2015. How can he do a drive by if he is still in jail?

    • Let’s see….let out because he’s being “protected” from contracting Covid 19. Once again another CONVICTED felon is able to obtain a gun. The great “disarming” of law abiding, legally permitted persons in America continues….
      Stay tuned for more attempts at taking our rights away.

        • Just another typical liberal idiot…focusing on the gun instead of the crime or the criminal. Maybe you would feel better in a country that has no rights. Pick one, I’m sure they’ll give you every opportunity to argue your “right” for rights.

          • There is nothing liberal or conservative about my post. It is a statement of fact. Any political bias is perceptions entirely in your head. In reality, I am thinking about buying a Draco, so when I get involuntarily annexed into Springs County I can use it to protect the ideals of my county and my new John Birch overseers and political dictators. Do you agree?

          • For the liberal who attempts to hide behind denial of political bias…
            It is the agenda of left wing politicians such as yourself who always want to blame the gun. The gun didn’t jump into the hands of the accused, the gun didn’t load itself, the gun didn’t point itself at anyone, the gun did no more of the aforementioned than it pulled it’s own trigger. You have chosen to follow the path many left wingnuts take, that guns commit crimes. You’re wrong.
            As for your desire to buy one, if you are able to legally obtain one, go for it. It’s still a right in this country – at least until your comrades take over.

    • If you read carefully, it says he received credit for 73 days time served while awaiting his hearing. That turns a 60-month sentence into about 57.5 months.

  • Brendan is innocent!!! Im their cousin and i know the whole story

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