2020 Charter Review Commission Ballot Measures

Press release from Alachua County

In 1986 the voters of Alachua County adopted the Alachua County Charter. One requirement of being a Charter County is that a Charter Review Commission (CRC) is convened once every ten years to review the County Charter and propose amendments that will be placed on the ballot for voters’ consideration. 

On September 10, 2019, the Alachua County Commission appointed the 2019-20 Charter Review Commission. In the subsequent 9 months, the CRC held 16 meetings and 3 public hearings. Public outreach resulted in numerous published media reports, and the CRC received 80 submittals.   

Read the 2020 Charter Review Commission Final Report

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After significant public debate and discussion, the County CRC voted to place the following four charter amendment proposals on the November 3rd ballot:


Shall the Alachua County Charter be amended, effective countywide, to establish a County Growth Management Area (“Area”), provide that the County’s comprehensive plan and land development regulations will exclusively govern land development in the Area, whether inside or outside municipal boundaries, authorize implementing ordinances, provide for removal of lands from the Area, and provide that the charter and implementing ordinances shall prevail over conflicting municipal ordinances?

View County Growth Management Area (CRC Resolution 2020-01)

View County Growth Management Area Map – June 12, 2020


Shall the Alachua County Charter be amended to establish an Alachua County Affordable Housing Trust Fund used to create and sustain affordable housing, which may be funded by fees from new commercial and residential development and other sources, all as directed by the County Commission, and to provide for the purposes, revenue sources, appropriation and expenditure of funds, annual audit, continuing nature, implementation by ordinance, and administration and oversight of the Trust Fund?

View Affordable Housing Trust Fund (CRC Resolution 2020-04)


Shall the Alachua County Charter be amended to remove two unconstitutional provisions, one unconstitutionally prohibiting protections based on sexual orientation, sexual preference, or similar characteristics, and another imposing unconstitutional residency requirements for Alachua County Commission candidate qualifying?

View Unconstitutional Item “Cleanup” (CRC Resolution 2020-05)


Shall the Alachua County Charter be amended to remove any requirement that candidates file treasurer reports on paper, while retaining the existing requirement that they must file treasurer reports electronically?

View County Commission Candidate Treasurer Report (CRC Resolution 2020-06)

  • If the BOCC pawn Penelope Wheat pushed these through you can be rest assured they are more in line with the “far left.” She was appointed as the Charter Review Call Girl to prevent moderate proposals from ever being submitted to voters. An “affordable trust fund?” They must be out of their minds. Due to high taxes, high utility rates, it won’t be long before the elitists will be the only ones able to afford living in Alachua county.

  • “the only ones able to afford living in Alachua count”
    Hello, reality check here. You and your kind want to secede into Springs County, leaving nothing but the elite liberal Democrats living in Alachua County. You are tying to create what you are complaining about. Why should you care what they do in New Alachua County, once you have your John Birch cult worshiping utopia of Springs County? it ain’t your business what they do in the county next door.

  • OW Dumblass..which local leader would say you give the best BJ? Cornhole or your bunk buddy Hutch? You obviously have a great attraction to them. They may even you a tax break for continuing to promote their ideology but I wouldn’t count on it. I wouldn’t care what they did in your perfect little county as long as the smell didn’t drift my way. From your description they won’t have much “business” anyway will they?

    Just like you and your “kind” want isn’t it?

    Government feeding you, government telling you when you can go out, government telling you when to crap.

    I would greatly appreciate leaving nothing but the liberal elites in your “New Alachua” county to you and the knuckleheads who are actually gullible enough to believe what they continue feeding you.

    When you’re able to clean off your lips feel free to spout a little more.

    • realtruth2020, can you clear up a rumor? Is it true that you are widely known as one of the most polite, civil and non potty mouthed citizens in all of Springs County?

      • I appreciate the consideration but probably just a fake rumor. I try but when some just want to push and push…well I hope you understand. I guess everyone has their limits. My apologies if I have offended you and I’ll try to do better but there are some, at least one, who in almost post, his or hers, only seeks to inflame or incite some type of bigotry or hate. I make a conscious decision to give back to him or herwhat they choose to give others because those others, they’re better people than I am.

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