2021 City of Gainesville Neighbor Survey in The Mail

Press release from City of Gainesville

The City of Gainesville is mailing out its 2021 Neighbor Survey to gather feedback from neighbors about City programs and services. Now in its second year, the annual survey is scheduled to arrive in the mailboxes of 7,000 randomly selected residences within the city’s four commission districts.

“Our neighbors’ opinions are important and vital to our long-term planning,” said Andrew Persons, interim director of the Department of Sustainable Development. “In fact, we’ve been incorporating input gathered from last year’s survey as we begin the process of updating the City’s comprehensive plan,” he said.

In the survey, respondents are asked to rank topics for City leaders to prioritize during the next two years. Survey questions include rating Gainesville as a place to live, to work, to raise children, and to retire, among other options. There also are expanded sections to gauge sentiment about employment, utilities, policing, and racial equity.

“We’ve also asked respondents to rank the importance of items in the City’s 2021 Action Plan and to prioritize the top five for city leaders,” said Gainesville City Manager Lee Feldman.

Copies of the survey are being mailed out in both English and Spanish along with a postage-paid return envelope. The survey should not take more than 20 minutes to complete, and responses remain completely anonymous. In 2020, more than 1,000 neighbors responded to the survey and listed overall cost of living, availability of employment opportunities, and traffic flow on major streets as priorities. Last year’s survey data can be accessed through the dataGNV page. The 2021 survey again is being administered by ETC Institute of Olathe, Kansas.

  • Funny, the 3 top issues are what the commission avoids at all costs, discussing and funding. Ugh.

  • “Our neighbors’ opinions are important and vital to our long-term planning,” said Andrew Persons, interim director. LMAO!

    Wow! Amazes me just how far down the ladder the lies go and the culture that has been bred within city leadership. Everyone knows that the actions taken by the city and it’s own self-guided leadership show the hypocrisy and the extent they will go to silence their critics.
    What Andrew Persons should have said is, “Although we know we have rising tax rates and rising utility rates because of our very own fiscal ineptitude, please understand that we still need to make this community into a location that is welcoming to the homeless, a community that will continue it’s gentrification of minority neighborhoods so that we can increase the far left doctrines we so greatly adhere to.”
    That would have been far more truthful of how “important and vital they value residents’ opinions.” Just reference the other story within this online news source regarding the RTS Citizen Advisory Board asking the commission to remove Corrine Brown’s name from the RTS Admin building. They’ve taken more votes on how to restrict a person from going out in public since December than they have regarding the RTS board recommendation.
    Hope the left leaning voters will still be happy when they join others who have been driven from their homes.

  • and they ruined the affordable living that small ma-pa
    Landlords used to provide with their “tenant bill of rights” and fees on multi-family units up to 4 units…
    I will be doubling some rents due to the unintended
    Consequences of their new policy…I have to pass
    The extra fees, taxes, and aggravation on to tenants…

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