2022 State of the City address notes past progress, opportunities for the future

Mayor Lauren Poe delivers the 2020 State of the City address

Press release from the City of Gainesville

City leaders cordially invite all neighbors to the 2022 State of the City address. During the annual keynote, Mayor Lauren Poe will highlight the City’s progress towards its strategic goals and vision for an equitable and inclusive Gainesville.

When: Noon Monday, Feb. 28
Where: Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention, 811 S Main St.

The public address will be livestreamed on the City’s Facebook page and air in rotation on Cox Cable Channel 12. To help ensure public health and safety, neighbors are asked to practice social distancing at the event.

  • Do neighbors have to wear the mask regardless of vaccination to attend? How
    Many feet do the neighbors need to be from each other to
    Properly social distance to ensure public health
    And safety, 4ft? I hope Mayor Poe addresses the
    Panhandling in street medians and the failure
    Of Grace Marketplace & GPD from keeping this
    Commerce and encampments at street intersections
    Around town. I want to know what you’re going to
    Do to clean up the panhandling & vagrancy problem
    In our city Mayor Poe. Standing in the middle of
    A busy intersection panhandling is a public safety
    Hazzard. Fix it or fire the interim city manager for
    Failing to address it.

  • An excerpt from Pole Smokin’ Poe’s speech:

    Crime in the city is an all time high and we, as representatives of Gainesville, are tired of hearing your frustrations. Please, don’t call us or email us to let us know.

    Panhandling is an eyesore for any visitors to our community and many residents have expressed their anger that these individuals, most of whom lack the motivation to find a job, throw their trash in the medians and badger people going about their business. Once again, we know – just close your eyes when you see them.

    Homelessness continues to be a problem in our city. However, many of you don’t understand. We need to continue to invite the impoverished to Gainesville. How else can we continue to suckle at the federal government’s teats? Don’t worry, eventually the government will stop giving handouts and we’ll deal with it then.

    GRU rates are continuing to rise. Deal with it or have your electricity turned off. Better yet, sell your property to a developer who can pay our demands. You can then take your homeless tail to Grace Market, there’s a couple extra tents for you over there.

    Property taxes are higher. Not our fault, not completely anyway. Once again – we don’t want to hear about it because we think it’s rather funny when you’re not watching. Don’t spoil our fun.

    The state of our city is just fine – dependent on if you’re a lemming or capable of free thought. I guess it could be based on how much of a gullible idiot you are as well. Whichever the case, don’t worry, it’ll be better…I promise.

    ~This message has been approved by the people who think Poe is a lying POS who is only interested in himself. Not the people he falsely claims to represent. Unfortunately, it is also indicative of how city leadership feels about it’s residents.

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